Discover Dolpa

Discover Dolpa: Spirituality, Social Change, and Shey-Phoksundo 

20 APRIL - 4 MAY 2018 (15 days)
Join a small-group adventure into the stunning landscape and mesmerizing cultures of Dolpa. 
Highlights: Shamanism, Bon Religion, Ancient Masto/Dhami traditions, Alpine lakes, Rugged Roads, and Passionate Guides.


THE EXPEDITION               DETAILS               ITINERARY



Dolpa is a land blessed with natural wonder and immersed in spirituality. On our journey from river valleys to alpine lakes, we explore legends and stories of the oral traditions of Masto/Dhami shamanism and ancient Bon religion. We share our trails and tents with villagers of Khas and Dolpo ethnicities as well as interact with young community leaders to understand these changing times.


This expedition to Dolpa is an overland journey from Nepalgunj in western Terai to Ringmo of the Shey Phoksundo National Park. Over buses and jeeps, along with horses and yaks, we will drive and walk along the Bheri River, traversing through Rukum and Jajarkot, to reach the fertile valleys in Dolpa. After spending three days in the neighboring villages of the revered Tripurasundari, we undertake another trek to reach Phoksundo lake. Throughout these trails, we stay under the stars inside the comfort of our tents; and we eat in homes and teahouses of our friends who live in Dolpa.


We spend four nights near the alpine lake, with multiple day trips and experiences. The Dolpo village of Ringmo - and areas surrounding Phoksundo lake – is quite stunning. We slow down, take time, and get to know this area with local community. Then, we trek back downhill to get to Dunai, the district headquarters, and then take flights to Kathmandu to wrap up our two-week adventure.


Expedition Date:  

20 April - 4 May, 2018 

7 - 21 Baishak, 2075 B.S.


Group: 12 travelers. 


Travel Areas:

Kathmandu – Nepalgunj – Jajarkot – Rukum – Tripurakot – Ringmo – Phoksundo lake - Dunai - Kathmandu


Trip length: 15 days

Total walking days: 7 days, between 3-6 hrs walking days.


Total Cost:

95,000.00 NPR. Ninety Five Thousand NPR.

All inclusive of accommodation, meals, flights, ground transportaion, and guides.

*International travelers (without Nepali citizenship) have extra costs for the flight price surcharge and permit fees. 



Tents. Sleeping bags and Tents are provided by the Expedition. The Expedition team will also arrange pack animals to carry these supplies.



Teahouses and Homes.



We take three flights - (1) Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, (2) Juphal to Nepalgunj, and (3) Nepalgunj to Kathmandu.  As always, mountain weather in Nepal limits flights, so we need to prepare ourselves for possible delays in Dolpa. Al costs for flights are included in the price.



Please expect to carry your own personal backpack and belongings. The Expedition Team will arrange pack animals for tents, sleeping bags, and other essential supplies.



Our guide teams are a mix of outdoor professionals and experiential educators, who bring with them their passion for ideas and commitment to communities. Our expeditions are richer, vibrant, challenging, and intriguing because of our guides. They are assisted by accomplished field staff who have years of experience organizing rugged travel and trekking.


1. Binod Shahi, Sir of the Himalayas / SnowYak Foundation. Binod has been traveling to Dolpa for the last 14 years to work in education projects. He currently works with communities in Dolpa to develop self-reliant schools and to create locally relevant curriculum.

2. Jason Shah, SherpaShah / NepaliTravelers. Jason has worked as an experiential educator and led small groups to different parts of Nepal. He is involved in enterprises and initiatives that work on grassroots tourism, food systems, and sustainability.

For any inquiries, email or call +977 9843241490


Narrative for the day

Day 1


1hr Drive

Meet in Kathmandu at 1PM for a ride to Dhulikhel. This is the first day of gathering and getting to know your Expedition Team and all other travelers. We will go through a series of orientation briefings to ensure smooth expedition.

Day 2

Nepalgunj Morning Flight


Early morning ride to the airport from Dhulikhel for flight to Nepalgunj.

Rimna reach

6hr Drive

Drive on a private jeep from Nepalgunj to Rimna, past Jajarkot Khalanga.


Stay Overnight in Rimna.

Day 3

Chepare to Raadi

8hr drive

This is a long day of adventure on the road. We drive along the Bheri River, changing our rustic jeeps every time we cross the river. Lots of tea, snacks, conversations, and bumpy road.

Stay Overnight in Khadang.

Raadi to Tallu

Tallu to Karapgaar

Karapgaar to Khadang

Day 4

Khadang to Tripurakot

5hr Hike

After hearty breakfast, we begin the first day of trek in Dolpa. Tripurakot is the hub of river valleys in Dolpa region. After our trek, we rest in Tripurakot and unwind from our road travels. There are multiple options to explore in this town.


Stay Overnight in Tripurakot

Day 5

Tripurakot to  Chhala

3hr Hike

We spend the morning in Tripurakot meeting community leaders and having a big brunch in a children care home. A visit to the popular mother goddess Tripura Sinduri is also an option. Around 10am, we begin a 3-hr walk to the village of Chhala. Our expedition crew begins preparation for trek to Shey Phoksundo while we spend the next  3 days exploring the villages nearby.


Stay Overnight in Chhala.

Day 6

Chhala to Chun

3 hr

In the morning in Chhala, we spend time with the fellows and children of a government school, where SnowYak Foundation has been working. This village is home to one of the most revered shamans of the area. We visit his shrine and, if possible, have an interaction .


After lunch and rest, we trek to Chun.

Day 7


Rest Day

A full day in Chun! We spend this day hanging out in the village, listening to stories, meeting some youth leaders, and just getting some spare time to relax.

Day 8

Chun to Chhepka

6 hr

This is the first full day of trekking in our travel plan. We walk downhill to Tripurakot and then traverse past Suligad into the Shey Phoksundo National Park. Horses (or yaks) will accompany us!

Day 9

Chhekka to Ringmo

6 hr

Another trek day to reach Ringmo, the village next to the stunning Phoksundo lake. In the evening, we just lounge by the lake and unwind from our travels.

Day 10


Day Trips

We have taken a long journey to reach Phoksundo, so let’s take time to enjoy being there. We have a lot of connections in Phoksundo area, so these three days will be a great way to explore the culture and landscape of Dolpo. Among many options are day hikes across the lake to view Kanjirowa range and walking to the nearby pastures to spend time with Dolpo nomads and their yaks. In the village, we meet people from the community and observe daily lives. If you want to spend a day weaving fabric, working in the fields, we can do so! And, yes, lots of bonfire and conversations.

Day 11


Day 12


Day 13


6hr Hike

We begin our retreat. A full day of hiking to bring us back towards Dunai, the district headquarter of Dolpa.

Day 14


6hr Hike

Another hike day, and we arrive in Dunai. We relax and splurge on food and comfort. A final evening of our group together.

Day 15



Early morning jeep ride to Juphal, and two flights to get to Kathmandu. Our journey ends!!!

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