Newari Culinary Experience

Come, join us for a delicious evening where we explore the incredibly stunning Newari cuisine. We walk into a private home, in the rustic old town of Kathmandu, and sit with the family who will prepare for us their traditional food.

Time: 2 hours. Book with us to schedule this experience; Anyday of the week, between 5-7 PM.


Our close friend Binod Shahi and his family will open their home to host Newari dinner. Binod and his family will walk us through preparation and stories of these dishes. Also, we will talk about the old town of Kathmandu - heritage of the past and ambitions of the future.

The rate includes 11 different Newari dishes and locally-brewed alcohol; eat as much as you can! The menu has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items.

1. Baji - Beaten rice, popularly known as Chiura.
2. Aalu - Boiled potatoes, marinated with oil salt, chili, sesame and cumin seeds, and fenugreek seeds.
3. Bhuti - Boiled, marinated black-eyed beans.
4. Lai Achaar - Spicy Radish Relish.
5. Khen - Eggs are hard-boiled and then deep fried.
6. Aalu Chwon - Mixed stew of potatoes, bamboo-shoots, dehydrated radish and black-eyed peas.

7. Chhoila - Marinated Buffalo meat.
8. Ragati - Blood Curd with Bone Marrow.
9. Nhhep - Buffalo-brain cooked with local spices.
10. Sanyaakhuna - A Buffalo stew cooled to jelly-like delicacy with dried fish

11. Yomari - Dessert made of rice dough and filled with jaggery.
12. Aaila - Distilled rice brew.

Contact: Jason on +977 9843241490. Or email

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