Feb 7, 2019

SWO-YATRA, the Solo Woman Travel Challenge, is now in INDONESIA!
#swoyatra #ayoindonesia

Our team at NepaliTravellers is really excited to collaborate with Anissa Syifa Adriana, who is launching a solo travel platform for women travellers in Indonesia. Syifa has been travelling solo for several years now, and this grant platform in Indonesia is informed and influenced by the challenges/opportunities she has encountered as a solo woman traveller in her community in Indonesia and on the road internationally.

Applications are open until 28 Feb 2019, and any Indonesian woman can apply to travel anywhere in the country! Please SHARE the word.

The bigger conversation around SWO-YATRA is the inclusivity in global travel. Are people of certain citizenship/ethnicity/gender marginalized? We hope to expand the network to facilitate reflective discourse and inspire expressive journeys. We are committed to encouraging travel in Nepal and, now, in Indonesia. A larger idea is emerging to connect travel communities across South/South East Asia.

Thank you Syifa for taking this lead! And big thanks to all the team and alumni at NepaliTravellers for ideas and assistance.

P.S. Follow Syifa "Anissa Syifa Adriana" across social media, in FB, Instagram, and Youtube. She is kind of famous :P

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