PATAN Free Walking Tour

Explore Patan in a one-of-a-kind walking tour to learn about tangible and intangible history that have influenced the old city in the past and continues to shape it today.

Time: 1.5 hours, on Saturdays. 2.30 - 4.00 PM.

We are committed to providing this experience once a week. Our tours focuses on Newar Buddhism and explores the evolution of Patan as an urban hub. As we further develop our content, the tour will curate conversations of vernacular heritage and highlight people and institutions working on initiatives of urban renewal in old Patan!

This walking tour is facilitated by SherpaShah, two friends who are passionate about collecting stories and narratives of old Patan. We have spent hours learning about regional influences in historic KTM valley and Buddhist iconography. If you have fascinating stories and/or know people we should meet, please PM or email us at

If you like your experience, you can contribute tips/donation to our team so that we can drink more coffee to spend more time learning about Patan :) Tips are NOT expected but appreciated.

Contact : Jason on +977 9843241490. Or email

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